Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I Love Sun Art

My friend Deb told me about Kristie's blog because Deb loves Kristie's wire work.  However, when I visited Kristie's blog the first time, she was showcasing some of her recent clay cabs. I am a sucker for clay faces and Kristie is one of my favorite clay face artists. Here is an example of her work.

I have bought several of Kristie's face cabs, but this is the first one that I have used. I love this piece so much.  Its bright and shiney just like the sun I love so much.

Kristie is a very versitile artist.  You just might want to check out her etsy shop.


  1. Hi Carol! Kristie's faces are wonderful! I love how you incorporated this beautiful face into your beadwork. This is such a gorgeous piece!!! xo Paulette

  2. thank you so very much for sharing this carol... i too love face cabs and was trying to remember where i had seen some that i loved (i always forget to mark things as favorites on etsy!)... these are beautiful...

  3. It is a great cab and you did it justice with your beadwork. This is a wonderful piece.

  4. WOW !!! I love this Carol!!! It looks like it belongs in a book... Glad you found the faces I love the colors you chose... and the spiral is perfect with it...

    You are the sunshine in my life...

    Love, Deb

  5. Good Day, Sunshine! :-)

    Oh my gosh, Carol, this is SPECIAL!!!

    The colors you chose are gorgeous - they're the warm, vibrant hues that you see on the landscape when the sun is low in the sky. They also remind me of autumn (my favorite season).

    I love your beadwork jewelry! I still marvel at the incredible Harley piece you made for your sister-in-law.

    I'm off to visit Kristie's shop...

    Love and hugs,

    Crystal :-)

  6. What a beauty! Are you wearing it somewhere special?

  7. Nice work, Carol! I love the colors you have chosen and the way you have put this all together. I recently won a cab from Marie at Art from my Heart and just received it in the mail today. I want to do something akin to what you have done except on fabric or felt.

  8. This is so lovely and warm, what a special necklace. Beautiful work!

  9. Wow, Kristie's faces are wonderful.
    I love what you did with it too Carol. Gorgeous necklace.

    This is the toughest one I have ever had and I haven't had one for ages Carol. Darn that gallbladder anyway. I had started eating dairy again after stopping for awhile. Now, I am afraid to eat it. LOL! Hurt so bad.
    Thank you for your support Carol, I really appreciate you!

  10. I just looked through Kristie's faces and I liked so many of them...I really liked a moon face that sold already...and I would have copied you and gotten a sun face to make a sun for my SIL...she collects them. You did a great job in both selecting THE perfect sun face and in beading it to its optimal beauty. I always admire that you just whip out jewelry lickity-split. I have to try that!

  11. Great piece! I love the face and the angly bits - like the sun's rays. Your friend can do some serious wirework too - impressive!


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