Monday, March 15, 2010

Snail Mail/ E-Mail--What do YOU think?

Do you watch 60 Minutes?  Well, I do sometimes.  Sometimes the best part of the show is the Andy Rooney Commentary.  I liked the one about the Christmas gifts he has accumulated over the years.  And the one about how many pairs of shoes he has.

Last night his commentary was about the U.S. Post Office and the plan to close a lot of postal stations.  In part, he said this:
"We have a lot of things that need cutting, but Post Offices are not among them. There's something special about a letter, we all like to get them. An e-mail on the other hand has all the charm of a freight train. When I was growing up, we all knew when the mailman was coming, and we waited for him, even though we hardly ever got a letter. People actually wrote letters to each other though, which they don't do as much anymore. They e-mail each other. I would rather have a mailman or a woman, deliver junk mail to me, then to get an e-mail."

He illustrated his comments with a picture of a housewife from the 40s waiting at the end of her sidewalk waiting for the mailman.  You know, she looked like the Father Knows Best wife dressed in a nice dress.  You know, the same one she wore when she washed walls, floors and dishes.  My mother was that kind of mother.  It was her generation.

  Snail mail is from that era too.  Today, we want to save paper to save a tree.  We NEED to get our messages out there as soon as possible.  We want to be heard today and we want it to be free.  (Forget it that we pay a monthly fee for internet.) Don't you love to get an email from friends or acquaintances?  I do.
Just because someone sends you an email, does not mean they can't be bothered  with paper mail.  If it weren't for e-mail, we would miss a lot of correspondence with friends.  Lets face it, who has time to send a paper letter.  Who wants to spend the money on a the stamp?  Who wants to waste a tree?

On the other hand, I am thrilled when I get a snail mail letter or card from a friend.  To me, it still says they care enough to take a moment to stay in touch.  Its a generational thing.  My grandkids would rather text than talk on the phone. Thats the NEW generation.

So, just because you are special to me, if I have your address, you will be getting a little note from me when you least expect it. If I don't have it, and you want a note, send me an email (~crrrrrrkkk, email get it?) with your address and I'll send you a note so you can have snail mail.

Thank you for visiting and commenting and being a cyber friend.


  1. I agree totally with Andy and we did watch this show (and the one about his shoes was a real hoot!). I still try to send snail mail as I love getting letters or cards. I think it means so much!

  2. i often agree with his arguments, but i don't know about this one. i looove to get email. i'm obsessed with checking it. even though i hardly know anyone at all and rarely get them, when i do i can't wait to open it up and see what little gem is in it. although i did actually get a CARD in the mail today for no other reason than to say hi, and it was really nice. but now that i blog, even more than email i am elated about getting comments on my posts. those are REALLY special. so thank you, carol, for commenting on mine. i do so appreciate them. and if you ever care to drop me a line, instead of paper and a stamp, i am really happy with email. mine is hoping you are having a lovely day!

  3. I received a card out of the blue just 2 days ago from someone I worked with about 10 years ago. It was a nice surprise!!

  4. Hi Sweetie! I love that guy, he's just a hoot sometimes! I also love both emails and snail mails, and I look forward to both! I've never done the texting thing, ... I very rarely even use my cell phone to even talk on...I don't even know my cell phone number! It's for just in case I get stuck somewhere and need to be rescued!
    ...This was a great post Carol, and you can send me an email or a snail mail anytime. I'd love either! xo Paulette

  5. I LOVE paper cards and snail mail letters, but email is great, too. :-)

    I really appreciate a note by whatever route someone takes to connect with me!

    My only disappointments are when a few family members "forward" jokes, stories, etc., with no note at all. :-o

    Crystal xoxo

  6. I love my mailman - I admire him for the tough job he's got. Living in western NY, you've got to be hardy. Our weather can be nasty and walking treacherous in the winter months. And yet he is always smiling and has a kind word to share. Luckily he is also the mailman for the office I work at, so it's just nice to have that connection. I feel so small-town and I love it. Why am I blabbering about him? I guess because I like that human touch that comes from the good old regular mail. But, I can't deny the importance and necessity of email too. I love it. The only drawback is that I don't 'save' those notes like I do a letter or card that comes in the mail. I love to look back through the cards I've gotten and re-read notes - and how fun is it to stumble across a box of cards from long ago at an estate sale! Oh I love to read what people corresponded about and the artwork on the cards. I don't think we will have that for our grandchildren. All those notes lost in cyberspace.....

    OH I don't know ! It is certainly a changing world.

  7. I believe in sentiment. And I believe that you, my dear Carol, are one of the most gifted people in writing a heart-felt sentiment whether it be by snail or by ether...

    I suppose I believe it's the quality of the mail...that matters most. Like...I can receive a birthday card that someone signs in the snail mail -- and I think...Oh, that's nice, they thought of me. But that was as far as their sentiment went...but, I could receive a wonderful email for my birthday...full of love and connection and wonderful words...and I can tell through the writing that the sender loves me...well, that is worth it's weight in gold. I'd give up a truck load of "just thinking of you" for the real McCoy...

    you're the best! susan

  8. I love my email! I think most people forget that before email you didn't really get but an occasional letter or card from friends or family but with emails I am in touch often. Heck, the computer is on a lot at my house and the grandkids get on their computers and use the windows messenger to say "hey Grandma where are you, I'm bored, let's play a game" and more. We are in touch with each other over a long distance and that is the point of any mail isn't it? A card you can touch is great and I love them. But if it's a choice of one or the other give me emails so I can talk NOW. I have had my sister send me an email and I was able to respond immediately since I was online and we have gone back and forth with a conversation. That can't be done with snail mail. I love my email!

  9. I'm with freebird!

    Also, I sometimes suffer from depression and it becomes almost impossible for me to write a letter, address it, find a stamp and take it out to the mailbox...but I can usually manage an email, even if only a short one, so I don't feel so isolated when I'm blue.

  10. very thought-provoking post !
    I'm going to turn 40 this year & i enjoy both email & snailmail for different reasons.
    Email because it is instant & can lead to conversation, to share even more, sometimes as if you were face to face with a cuppa in your hands...
    BUT you can't beat snailmail on special days : it really makes my day to receive Christmas or birthday cards, while emails don't get me as much thrilled.
    however, it seems that I don't have friends who still care about snailmail. And I miss not seeing any greeting cards, postcards from vacation or sweet notes "just because" anymore in my mailbox, especially when I've lost all my family & could do with a little snailmail love !


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