Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Serenity of A Blue Moon in a New Year 2010

A Blue Moon usually doesn't hold any mystery for me. The full moon is always a sight I love to see. I wonder why I was so excited about a Blue Moon on the eve of the New Year. I am sure sub-conscienceously it had a lot to do with the new decade. I tend to think of events in a metaphysical sense so for me somehow this moon foretells good things to come in the new decade. I already feel a serenity and peace that was not present for me last year. I am taking things a step slower. I am more focused on the task at hand. I am not allowing myself to be all things to all people. I am taking some of my hats off. I'm feeling good about it.
I am excited to be back to the BJP. I have missed spending time focused on something I enjoy and is a "just because I want to" project. I have missed it.
I knew my January page would be about the moon, which led to my using an item on my List for inspiration. I had intended to bead the moon, but while in Handcock Fabric this fabric called me to it. I loved the moon with the purple halo.
While beading this page, I was thinking about the wonders of the Universe; remembering those red stars you see that are not planes; believing that the sky IS the limit and the only limits we have are the ones that we have placed on ourselves.
Do YOU see an alien ship?


  1. Definitely. Tonight I was watching a program on how galaxies are made & there was this picture of billions of galaxies swirling around each other. How can there not be life other places, I ask you? That fabric is lovely. Makes me want to dream of flying among the stars.

  2. Oh this is just beautiful. Reminds me of full moon nights I would sit outside and just star/sky watch and enjoy the quiet dark. Good for you that you are taking more time for you and doing something for you "just because".

  3. i enjoyed reading about the blue moon on new year's eve and your outlook for this and coming years. it's good to take one or two off and put on the "me hat"! congratulations for that. i really love how the stars sparkle all around the moon! are all your pieces going to be diamond shaped? what size is it?

  4. I love it! How neat that you found such a wonderful fabric. Funny you and I should both do a night sky. But, boy, are they different. Great start to the year.

  5. I just cracked up reading the last line of your post, Carol! But laughter aside, I think it's amazing and fabulous that somehow the new year, new decade, blue moon came together in new insights, new pace and new serentiy for you. And now you'll have your January page as a reminder should it ever slip your mind. Yay!!!

    Robin A.

  6. The fabric is a perfect complement to your beading - this is beautiful and sparkly. And I loved reading your post about the new year and the serenity that you feel. Hope you continue to enjoy focusing on yourself a bit more this year!

  7. This fabric would have called to me too, Carol! I love it, and love what you have done with it. I walk every evening and at this time of year, your piece is what my mind sees -- all of the real things and those in my imagination including the alien ship. ;) I have to add, until I read your post, I never made the realization that we have started a new "decade"! I mean, it just didn't hit me. Now it has, not quite as forcefully as when we started the new millenium, but the realization is now there nonetheless. Oh no...next thing I think is I'm getting older. I also love that you mentioned slowing down and taking more notice of being in the moment. Although it's quite a zen-like thought, it's good practice for all of us -- being mindfully aware of every moment. Peace and feeling good about that can only be the result. Congratulations, I feel you have achieved all of those feelings in your January piece.

  8. Carol, I sense something very different in this piece than in the one's from last year, a new energy just bursting to come out. Wishing you all the best in every way for 2010.


  9. What a beautiful beginning for your bjp, carol. I've always loved the night sky and this piece definitely reminds me of one of my favorite sights. The fabric is perfect, isn't it!

  10. Alien Ships? Blue Moons? Where have I landed? Is this Carol's blog about Birds??????? Lol

    I adore it. Very beautiful. Remind me to sign up for this in time next year, please. I may have to start it this year though even if it isn't official.

    Can't wait till the next one, Carol. You are always full of surprises which I love.



  11. Wonderful! Using your list is a great idea and give additional meaning to the piece. And I don't see the alien ship.
    Marty S
    Crackpot Beader

  12. Ok now, am I the ONLY one who DOES see the alien ship? Isn't that it on the left? :-)

    Carol I am continually amazed at your imagination and your creativity. The way you weave your thoughts into a theme and then translate that to your bead projects is absolutely inspiring!

    I think that you would be a wonderful painter - if you ever choose to go that route. You have a unique and very special inner muse. I know your paintings would be wonderful! :-)

    In the meantime, I'm enjoying these BJP's of yours!

    Love ya,

  13. I can see why that fabric called to you! And I love the little alien ship!

  14. Sigh - there is such a magical peaceful quality to this piece. I'm a big moon lover and like to annoy my kids by howling at the full moon. You should try it - it's very fun!

  15. What a wonderful theme and beautiful beading. I will enjoy watching your progress in the BJB this year.

  16. Wow that is amazing! How did you get the stars to shine like that? It's beautiful. I also got all excited about the full moon on New Year's Eve. I spent all evening trying to take a photo - and ended up having to make a composite. This is lovely though and yes I do see the spaceship ;o) Beam me up!

  17. Fun! I love celestial imagery, sparklie, expansive and positive. Great expression of hope for the new decade!

  18. Carol,
    "Blue Moon, you saw me standing alone, without a dream in my heart...." Does that song sound familiar?
    Cool shape, wonderful fabric and the night sky with all it's wonders...including E.T.!!
    Love the sparkle, too!
    Your combination of visual and verbal art is inspiring, it all ties in together so nicely.
    Congrats on "Just saying NO" to getting pulled into the Mad Hatter syndrome...:-)

  19. Gorgeous! I love how you've captured the moon's glow :-)

  20. I'm glad you are back to BJP. It's a good group. Thanks for visiting my blog. The Shisha are done by hand.

  21. That fabric did provide the perfect backdrop for your beading! Just lovely - good job!

  22. Hi Carol, I'm finally getting caught up on my blog reading and I honestly squealed with delight when I saw your piece.

    I feel a sense of largesse, of limitlessness....an opening... in this piece. I agree with Bobbi that it feels different somehow - to me, you've always been special but I'm so very glad that you feel it for yourself this year.

    I am so glad you're including me on the journey...that's the best part...the journey...the sharing...

    P.S. I didn't think the ship was alien at all...but you...Happy sky trails!

  23. I love your piece Carol!!! The Blue Moon had lots of meaning for so many of us! I am so glad that you are back again this year and that we are on this BJP journey together!! It was your work in the 2008 BJP that got me so excited about joining this project!!!

  24. What a lovely piece, Carol. Your beading is beautiful, and I really love that hazy look around the moon and those wispy clouds too! It's perfect! xoxo


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