Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Grandparents have wisdom, sometimes!

This morning I overheard my two grandsons conversation as they were getting ready for school. Corey was kidding his younger brother, Ky because Ky played a game of Yugio (sp) with one of his friends. Apparently that is a GEEK thing to do. What I heard was the perfect moment to discuss being an individual.

They tell me all the time I think deep, and I do. I said just a moment, let me show you something. I got out my current beading project to show them. I held it up to show them how goofy it looks. I told them about the vision I had of this piece before I started it. I mentioned that I have so many beading friends whose work I admire and would like to bead just like them. Talking about my project again, I explained how I am realizing that I am developing my own beading style that will be like no one else's.

Speaking to Ky, I explained to him that its OK if he likes to play the game that his brother was kidding him about. There are things he likes to do. Things that he is good at and enjoys doing more than other things. If it makes him happy, then that is all that matters. I also mentioned that its OK for his brother to like doing things that he doesn't.

As Ky listened and nodded his head in agreement, his brother gave him a smile and socked Ky's arm. I think that is the male equivalent to a hug.

These are some of the moments I live for.


  1. Perfect. What a great grandmother you are. It's such a cute and typical sibling story too.

  2. Great catch Bamma!!! Hmmm.. now I really want to see that project...

    Love, Deb

  3. Jack used to play Yugioh all the time only a couple of years ago. And, in sixth grade, a cooler teacher at school held a tournament -- Jack was the overall champion and even though some of the other boys thought it was geeky...they were still impressed that he won. It's a fairly complex game of strategy so good for him...

    And you did a great job of pointing out the importance of respect. And in a fun way. I, like Deb, want to see this piece too!!

  4. Oh Carol!
    May every child have a grandmother like you!!

    Those boys are so lucky.

    They'll be teaching your lessons to their own kids someday and remembering you with much love! :-)

  5. Well said Carol, I'm sure they will remember that moment as well..

  6. great story, Carol, sounds like you are a GREAT grandma... :)

  7. Oh, that's such a sweet little story!!! That one really tugged on my heartstrings! A hug to you Carol, Paulette xoxo

  8. I think that you had something tangible to show them really helped them understand individuality and personal differences. And maybe Corey was just a little bit jealous, because even though yogioh is a geek thing to do, perhaps Ky is very good at it and Corey wouldn't be. And yes, I think a sock it to him in the arm is affection between brothers!

    Good job, Grandma!


  9. What a great moment for all of you!

  10. A great moment for you and a great moment for the boys too!!!

    They are very lucky to have you in their lives, Carol! ~Lisa


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