Friday, August 7, 2009

Life is Good

Happy anniversary to us! 38 years today and it all started with a blind date. I wasn't sure I even liked him. He says it was love at first sight. I just knew I wanted to see him again.
Nope, this ain't him! But this grandson got his sense of humor, which to me was part of the glue that stuck us together.
Happy Anniversary Terry. It has been 38 great years and I hope we have 38 more. I love you more EVERY day.


  1. Have a wonderful celebration, and about the photo -- LOL! (handsome son!)

  2. I amended my post. I didn't realize that I didn't mention that this is my grandson who takes after his mother too. She has the same sense of humor and I must admit, since my humor is dry I don't always appreciate the joke!!

  3. Thanks, Carol, for the clarification.
    I figured it out before you amended, and now just want to say -- handsome grandson!

  4. CONGRATULATIONS YOU TWO!!! 38 years... now THAT is love :)

    Oh and love the pic of your grandson, too funny!

  5. OMG you said nothing... Happy Anniversary... I remember this last year... Its now in my calendar...

    Goofy kid... BTW - Michael's had duct tape for $1 or $2 in a bin by the entrance... all colors..


  6. congratulations! I'm so happy for you! Here's to many many more years together!

  7. Congratulations, a sense of humor for both spouses, is definitely a prerequisite for a long marriage.

    Steve & I met on a blind date too.

  8. Congratulations! Hope you have a great day celebrating it. You have me beat - we're coming up on 37.

  9. Grandson is handsome too. Congratulations on your anniversary, I hope you have many more wonderful ones.

  10. I tell ya Sis; it is amazing, but here's another similarity.

    Sir Beads-a-Lot and I have our 38th anniversary this month, too!

    Congrats and big hugs to you and Terry,

    You are BOTH very lucky!!!! :-D

  11. Hi CAROL! Happy Anniversary!
    Thanks for your comments on my blog...
    I have an AWARD for you...please go to my blog and collect your award!
    Thanks again loyal follower :0)

  12. Congratulations on 38 years.

  13. Happy Belated Anniversary! It's wonderful that you've been together for 38 years of marriage! Wishing you happiness every day.

    Hugs, susan

  14. A BIG Happy Anniversary! Wishing you both many more happy years!
    Hugs, :o)

  15. Wowzer! 38 years - you don't look old enough! I think that a gsoh is ALWAYS important.

  16. Happy Belated Anniversary! My husband and I were a blind date too! It will be 21 years this October for us. Time flies!

  17. Again, Happy Belated Anniversary and here's to many more!!!

    It's been 32 yrs this past May, and I can hardly believe it...where does the time go?!

    XOXO ~me


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