Friday, August 28, 2009

Kiss or a Hug?

This is Junior
Today is a blogger friend's 38th Anniversary. I told her husband to give her a big hug. Why didn't I say a big kiss? Why my preference for a hug.

Each morning when Terry leaves for work he gives me a quick peck and an I love you and off he goes. I love it when he takes a moment to stop and give me a hug, holding it for just a minute. With that hug I feel loved, cherished and protected. Oh, I like kisses, but after 38 years, I think there are definitely times a prefer a hug.


  1. Hugs rule for me too! In December, it will be 28 years for me and my big old huggie bear! Definetly hugs!!! Hope all is well...Hugs, :oD Paulette

  2. ...I forgot to say how cute Junior is!! Give him a little hug for me!!! :o)

  3. Carol.... At first I thought you said it was Junior's 38th anniversary... ha ha ha then the brain kicked in... Look at Junior... so sweet.. I should print this pic and show Happy !!! she'd probably shredd it...

    Yes hugs are the best... I love to put my face under his chin for that last hug before he leaves. It makes me feel so warm and safe.

    Way to go Terry!

    Love, Deb

  4. Kisses are nice, but hugs just seem to say it all. I came from a huggy family and we like to share our hugs. Here is a hug of support to you.

  5. Junior looks like he could be very mischevious. I'm with you on the hug thing. Kisses are great, but a hug gets you to FEELING the love all over. In this world of "stay out of my face" getting a heartfelt hug is like falling in love all over again.

  6. I'm with the hugs. My husband and I start the mornings with a hug and end the evenings with a kiss - actually 3 kisses. These are our rituals to keep us connected no matter what goes on in our day.

  7. Hugs are great! Kisses great too - it's all good! ;o) Here is one for you {{{{{{{{{{Carol}}}}}}}}}

  8. I like the hugs unless I get one of those super passionate, out of the blue, come up behind me while I'm frustrated in the kitchen, starts at the base of my neck, works up to my ear and causes all those tingles in my tummy....otherwise, yeah, I agree, I prefer the hug...

  9. I'm the lady with the 38th anniversary and my husband was very happy to follow your instructions to the letter, Carol! :-D

    I thank you, too! ;-)

    Around here, we agree that hugs are very special.

    When my kids were little, I asked them for a hug by saying:

    "I need a vitamin!"

    Hugs really do make you feel wonderful!

  10. Another enthusiastic vote for hugs...kisses are lovely, but hugs are my favorite form of greeting and saying goodbye...

  11. I'm another hugger fan! I think it's because it's more of a body connection than a kiss. With a hug you bring a person close to you and embrace them. But I'll take either when they are offered!


  12. I agree...a hug just feels so's so warm and comforting and it does make you feel protected in their arms!!!

    Happy 38th Anniversary to Crystal!

    Junior is so CUTE too!!!

    Here's to more hugs...XOXO ~me


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