Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Where Have All My Frogs Gone?

Funny thing. At the beginning of the spring, we had two frog ponds. There were A LOT of frogs in the back smaller pond. When we built the new pond they all moved to their new home and we covered in the smaller pond. The new pond is just outside our bedroom window. Those frogs made such a wonderful racket. We loved it. Then we had a rather severe thunderstorm. We haven't seen or heard a frog since. Terry says they moved on when it stormed. I never heard of that, but I like to think they just moved on.Well, we started hearing tiny frog barks so we searched and look what we found....two small baby frogs. They were probably tadpoles that the bigg'ens left behind. They are about the size of a quarter. Very tiny. I am happy again. My frogs are back.


  1. ooo baby frogs! I LOVE hearing frogs during the evening hours... such a great racket they make! Funny, when I am mowing the lawn, I always make sure I'm not running any of those little creatures over! I always wait till they hop out of the way....

  2. How cute.. I only see one... The others will come back... Can't wait to see the pics of all that you have been doing back there..

    Love, Deb

  3. Oh lucky you! glad they're back!

  4. Catching up on blogs today and read about your frogs. What a sweet baby frog. Word will get out and other frogs will come croaking back to such a wonderful, restful habitat.

  5. I LOVE frogs...(even the word makes me smile)...
    We use to have an apple orchard back of my aunts house where the big trucks would come through and make huge ruts. Water would collect and they would be just full of tadpoles, sure enough, within days there were more frogs than you can possibly imagine!!! What a time we had collecting them in buckets and watching them swim away when we dumped them into the nearby lake!!! Good for you!!!

  6. Hi, Carol. I don't know anything about frogs, except there was no way I was going to dissect one in biology in high school!

    It looks like you're having a fun summer. Sometimes the best vacations are at home - like where I live, in a university town, all the students go home and it's great! We can go to campus, park, eat at restaurants.


  7. Between the crickets and the frogs, sometimes there's a symphony going on during summer nights! So glad you have them back. :-)

    We hear frogs when we are about to fall asleep, too. We laugh some nights when after they've been "singing" for a long time - they suddenly ALL stop for a few minutes! We wonder who gave the signal? Then - just as suddenly - they begin again in unison! Too cute!

  8. Hi Carol, You have a lovely blog. I clicked your link over at Crystal's to read about your little froggy friends. I like them too! Paulette :o)

  9. Nature works her own way not caring much what we want. Glad you have the two and most likely you'll have more again next spring.

  10. As I kept reading, I was so glad you found two small babies. That is great news! We've only had one huge frog in our yard in 19 years. We have lots of crickets making music at night though. Mom nature's gifts are delightful to see and hear.

    I wonder how many frogs you might have next year...I think they'd LOVE that pond of yours!



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