Sunday, July 26, 2009

Have You Been to a County Fair Lately?

We haven't done much traveling this year. We had a staycation this week, mostly due to the need to spend time with much needed home maintenance and R&R. But we planned to spend a day at the Elkhart County 4H Fair. It is the largest county fair in the state and something like the 2nd or 3rd largest in the country. Its been about 20 years since we have been to this fair. We usually go to the fair in our county, but since Elkhart is larger and prices were reduced and parking is free, that's where we went.
$20 each bought Laurie and the boys a wristband that entitled them to ride rides all day. When we entered the fair on this cool breezy day, we were hit with about a million scents all at once. Most of it was food cooking since we entered near the club food restaurants. Lots of sweet smells too. Do you know they even had deep fried peanut butter and jelly? We didn't try it. I am game to try anything, but I draw the line on some things depending on the price.
My first path while the kids rode the rides was straight to the home craft exhibits. I was interested to find a few really nice pieces of jewelry. I was wowed by entries in the quilted fabric items and mixed media fabric items. Made me antsy to start some project in that area. There were several entries that used pictures transferred to fabric. I'll be looking for a book with detail on how to do it. The entries in photography totally blew me away. Amazing talent was displayed in the entire exhibit. What a wonderful opportunity for artist's work to be recognized.
We walked through the commercial exhibit buildings. There were a few vendors there that caught my eye. Since the current bane to my existence is dog hair, I was drawn to a booth selling washable lint rollers. I think I had one a long time ago. I hope I liked it because I bought another today.
Then, we all met up to eat supper. We each picked what we wanted and met at Nelson's chicken, a local restaurant booth that invented the most wonderful way of grilling chicken and ribs. I never met a rib I didn't like, so of course that was my choice.
We topped off the day by watching the demolition derby, which was free grandstand entertainment. Yes, we spent a ton of money but we spent it in our own town and everyone had a wonderful day and ate well. What more can you ask for?


  1. o sometimes staycations and trips to LOCAL things is the best! what better way to boost the economy of your own town (or area)??? sounds like the county fair was fun!
    another thought on "local" shopping - there's a huge grocery store 10 miles north of us, but I do 99.9% of my shopping in the little grocery store in town, and any other shops in town. If we don't support our local community, then people are asking why no businesses come to town! It's a no brainer.

  2. Brought back such fun memories. There is nothing better than fair food. I get hungry thinking of it. Oh for a funnel cake right now with cinnamon and powder sugar. I can almost taste it...

  3. Wow, Sis!
    Wish I could have tagged along - especially to see the jewelry, quilting, and all the other wonderful artwork.

    So nice that you made it a day for the whole family.

    No matter what it cost - a day at a summer fair with the family - definitely priceless :-)

  4. Hm.. maybe I should plan on taking Missy to the LA County Fair this year. She has been asking to go and we haven't gone in a few years.. Maybe Cody will want to go too. They had deep fried artichokes last time I went. And they have the BEST beef dips... mmmm desserts...

  5. Glad you had fun! I haven't been to a fair in a few years. The last one I went to here was terrible. Everything about it was bad but I won't go into it all. I'm just glad you enjoyed yours.

  6. It sounds like a great day out - and makes me long for summer!!

    By the way, I have been meaning to write to you about something that happened the other day. Do you remember posting on my blog about the 'law of attraction' (and I wasn't sure what it was)? Well the other day we were out in a coffeeshop and I picked up one of the magazines they have there for customers. On the cover it said it had an article all about the law of attraction. So, of course, I was excited and went straight to the page. Guess what? It had been ripped out!!! So maybe I'm not supposed to know about it after all (lol!) ;o)

  7. I'm always tempted to enter something into the fair. Maybe I'll look into it next an experience kind of thing...sounds like so much fun and I love how everyone could get their own food...yummm

  8. Oh, Carol...what a fun day for you all. I know, prices for the day aren't cheap. $20 for the day for rides isn't too bad. I haven't been to a fair in years now. Like you, I'd be off and wanting to see the exhibits and who could pass up the food...yum! Sounds like it made for a wonderful day of memories to!

    Glad you enjoyed your deserve it! XO ~me


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