Sunday, May 10, 2009

April BJP- Spinning

I organized my beads and now I can't find what I am looking for.
I used to have time to keep the house immaculate. Dishes were always done, laundry washed and put away, and no dog hair on the carpet.
The dogs get sick. The flu runs through the family. The car needs repairs. Tires go flat.
Work is slow and hours are reduced.
Tempers are easy to flare.

I was going to call this page SPINNING OUT OF CONTROL, because recently I felt a little like things were just out of control. But then, after thinking about it, I realized that things were NOT out of control. Sure there were situations that we COULDN'T control that needed to be dealt with to the best of our ability. But the situations that we COULD control were spinning a little, but never really got Out of Control.

All I can do is to keep things in perspective and deal as best I can with the things each new day brings. I guess you would call that "living". Far better than the alternative.


  1. boy, can i relate! i once read that life is bittersweet... and it's true...
    but feeling like you are drowning isn't a pleasant feeling... try to take comfort in the other moms who are out there trying to keep balance too! be well - and happy mother's day...

  2. Great idea, but it looks like you have figured out how to get the out of control in control. I love the simplicity of your piece. It says a lot.

  3. I think that how we react to situations often determines if they are in our control or not. Your piece may be spinning, but it looks like a controlled spin, like you have a handle on things. I especially like the background.


  4. Great journaling! You'll certainly remember a hard month whenever you look at this piece. It does seem like some periods of time just add one chaotic thing after another. But you are so right, they seldom are totally out of control (occasionally they really are) and I certainly agree that even difficult times are better than the alternative - that's a really important point to remember.

    I sure wish I could show so much in a simple pattern as you did here. So much said in a single design.

  5. You know it is really not all that out of control, just seems that way... It could be worse... You have a great handle on things.. Love this piece especially the background.. Great job..

    Love, Deb

  6. Ha Deb
    You know me too well. I can't let things be out of control. I am such an "A" type personality. I am just trying to slow things down a bit. I have decided to hide in my room with my beads and computer next weekend and let the turmoil go on without me!

  7. Yes, spinning is a familiar sensation for me too... especiallly these past three weeks with a similar list of chores not done, illnesses and temper flares... Thanks for acknowledging this part of life with both beads and words... Well said! I wish you contemplative serenity in your room! Hugs, Robin A.

  8. Actually, I find actually spinning on a spinning wheel very relaxing. The kind of spinning you describe is never relaxing. I think you've captured it well. I still have to finish April and start May! Yikes!

  9. Boy was your piece perfect timing for what I'm feeling today! Nice to know I have company in the spinning department. I do find if I make lists of things I need to get done and cross them off as I go, it makes it feel as if I'm a litte bit more in control. Your March piece is really nice. The little spinning beads message, at least looks very controlled.

  10. You are definitely not the only one who has those times, Carol. Great page. Love the backround. What did you use?

  11. You can't spin out of won't let you. Part of living is just letting things not get to you...dirt will always be there...unfortunately when you clean, the dirt comes why worry about go flat...recessions happen...we all live through them. The key is friends who feel like you do and will listen.


  12. I really like this page, Carol! I think sometimes everything seems to get out of control to teach us it's all normal so we learn to deal with it in a reasonable manner. You, Carol, have the gifts and ability to be in control~!

  13. Some wise thoughts in this post...thanks for the reminder about the alternative.


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