Monday, April 6, 2009

Everybody Is Talking About The Weather

Today is Monday, April 6. Yes, April 6. This is what I woke up to.

And this....3 inches of wet snow. Thirty-One Degrees. Strong winds all day.

Here is my pretty little bird that you have all seen before. Yesterday she was mating the in bush next to this nest. Today, she's peeking out to see if its worth coming out to find seeds.
Friends all around the midwest contacted me today to see if I had the same crappy weather that they did. (Except my friend Deb, who lives in So. Cal. SHE had to tell me how warm it is there and that she had to open all her windows to let the fresh air in. Thanks Deb!)
Our forecast for tonight is Lake Effect snow from winds coming from the north across Lake Michigan. Three more inches at least. Snow again on Wednesday.
I am getting really antsy to get outside in the garden!! I want to see frogs and humming birds.


  1. ONE WORD...nasty & keep all that stuff over there in Indiana...I don't want it. Luckily we didn't get the snow, but it was freezing rain here in Central Ohio. Great day for me to stay in & groom doggies.


  2. We have had similar weather -- yesterday about 4-5 inches of snow -- mostly gone today. White Sox home opener for today was postponed --- hope we all start to have a little more spring-like weather. Love your little bird.

  3. Oh, Carol, how I remember the terrible PA weather in the spring. I would feel so down from when the Groundhog came out in Feb until June when it would finally be warmer.
    I guess you do not want to hear about the high winds we are having or that it will be 70 tomorrow for a high and 40 in the morning here in central FL.
    Hugs and stay warm!

  4. Ah Carol... isn't it the pits? Okay, we 'only' got 1 1/2 inches and that made me crabby. When I gout up this morning it was in the 20's and now it's snowing again, I could honestly cry - I want spring to be here, so badly. I miss warmth by something other than the heater, oh how I'd love to open a window :-(

  5. Look on the bright's great beading weather because you can't go outside. Stay warm and enjoy it -- it won't last for long...

  6. Thanks for your visits.

    And these are excellent photos.

    I know you missed seeing the crow laying out those peanuts on the limb for the lookout crow to eat, so I went back and added that link to the original post. I hope you can find the time to return to My Birds Blog and see this.

  7. Well, I am in Ca. yes it is beautiful out here right now, however I love snow and wish for it every year....and on the bright side, your photos of the snow are beautiful. With water shortages in the summer we all wish we had your snow in the winter..

  8. I guess I shouldn't tell you that it is 69 here today either...LOL

    Carol.. your spring is coming.. its right around the corner...

    Love, Deb

  9. Doesn't it look lovely? lol I hate snow in April. It was like this here in Ohio this morning. I want flowers, sunshine, warm breezes...


  10. Like you, I'm ready for spring, but your pix are so beautiful that just for a minute, my brain reverted to that "first snow of the season" mentality. You know . . . before we've had to shovel for months, and before we've had to watch the muddy snowbanks sloooow-ly melt. Yep, when I saw your post, my only thought was, "Oh, I love the snow!!! ;-)

  11. It was really icy north of Chicago. I'm so ready for winter to end! This seems to have been a colder and more snowy winter than recent winters.

  12. We've had the winds but not the snow. Leaves have broken out on our trees and they get torn and sometimes blown away by the strong wind. But for us, spring is still good as it isn't too cold or too hot. Sure hate the wind anymore though.

    The good thing is, warm weather HAS to come sometime soon for you!

  13. We have not had snow, but cold,cold, windy days. Gianni was in a ball tournament where the winds made the chill factor just a little above freezing. Horribly cold day. We get glimpses of spring and they are taken away again. Hope it comes soon. Your pictures are really lovely though.

  14. OMG!!! That is amazing Carol, can't believe the weather lately. Well, I'll zip it as you know where I live, so I won't even go there ;)

    Happy day to you!

  15. Hi, Carol. Not only did we have the same snow as you, we had a power outage for 15 hours and the house was freezing. Luckily it warmed up enough to melt over the week. I'm hoping that now we get temps in the 50s and rain so that spring will blossom!
    Hugs, Susan

  16. Hi Carol,
    Sorry to have to tell you this but I think we were warmer than you too... it appears we have had our last snow of the summer here in Alaska but you never know... Hope it's warming up for you.


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