Friday, February 6, 2009

Spread the Love Doll Challenge

I belong to the Yahoo Group Beaded Art Dolls.
The February project theme for the swap/challenge
was Spread the Love.
A short time ago I made several cab faces and she was my favorite, sculpted, not from a mold. Since February is the "Love" month, I chose her color from the February Flower, the Violet, which is my favorite flower.
She is a happy lady from my generation that still loves to dance around the kitchen to songs from the 70's. I just love her.
If you would like to see more beaded art dolls, please visit the group blog.
If you like to bead embroider, come join us. Its fun!


  1. Ohhh!!!!! She's Fabulous!!!!! :-)

    Love how she's dancing and her costume (the feathers so cute!) and the color scheme and especially - her heart!

  2. She is a joyful dancer...sounds like you two have alot in common! xo c

  3. I love Violet, that is me to the T.

  4. LOVE her! I really like your new profile pic too.

    I used to belong to BAD - I learned a lot in the group when I first began beading and met lots of nice folks. It's also where I participated in my first swap with Sarah - the woman who started the group. I'll never forget it.

  5. There's SO much to love with this doll but her pose is probably my fave. I like the leaping-happiness, on her tip-toe dance...I love the freckle on her cheek and I really feel her spirt looking at her. Ilove the purple fluff hat and I love her name -- it's perfect. Bravo! Thanks for the link...I enjoyed the video of all of the January dolls. I would like to make a doll one day....

  6. This little doll is wonderful Carol! So full of energy and light, I love her! Just so happens February is my Birth month, so I love purple and love Violets too! She is so colorful and happy! Your beading looks superb too. Great work. I have looked at that group and thought about joing too. Not yet, but in the future I think I will give it a try.

  7. What a cute doll. She spreads the love just by being! I do love her pose and it goes with her happy face. This is one bubbly gal.

    Like your new picture with your cowgirl hat.

  8. Carol, I just noticed over on the 08BJP blog that you get notices when new posts are posted there. How do you do that? I have become follower of a few blogs but it doesn't do anything as far as getting notices that I know of.

    I'll check back to see if you've left me an answer okay?

  9. Hi Carol - thanks for stopping by my blog! I scrolled thru looking at your birds (and beads!) post! You have a fun blog! I'll be back!

  10. Oh Carol -- your doll is just fantastic. She sure makes one smile and I know she will spread love wherever she is. Delightful!!!!

  11. Very cute doll! Oh and the singing in the kitchen to 70's music... love it! Speaking of singing, I left something for you on my blog ;)

  12. I adore her, Carol. Are you going to do the Babuska doll challenge?



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