Friday, January 30, 2009

Jeans, Jeans Revolution Preparation

I am a slow starter when it comes to projects.
I have accepted the challenge to embellish a
pair of jeans with patches of fabric.
I have been going through my stash of fabric
looking for possibles.

Maybe some frogs will appear.
I love frogs.

Dogs are a must.

This is my mantra
at work.

I'm checking to see what other
recycling fab I can find. Know I
have some.

I like these pinks.
I have a Queen of Hearts tatoo
and I love Poker, so this is appropriate.

We'll see.


  1. When you've definitely decided on a couple of the fabrics, and need votes to help figure out "what else"? ( I know - who asked me? lol)

    Anyway, I'm rooting for: frogs and cards!!! Give me an F, give me an R, . . . Yeah!!!

    Actually, any combo of the fabrics you show would be fab! It'll be fun to see the finished project!

  2. OMG those are great fabrics... you have to use the "mantra" on one back pocket...LOL ! And the "S" on the other one...

    I like the cards too.. well I like all of them...

    Love, Deb

  3. Well they are all fabulous fabrics and ideas. Dogs and frogs are good to me, but Iknow your creative spirit will come through. Love your mantra - will haveto remember that one. Brenda

    OK, I LOVE them all and wouldn't limit yourself. But the Pink Pow is a fave along with the mantra and The Superwoman!!! All great! You go girl -- I'm so proud!

  5. Hi Carol! It will take me some time to catch up with all of your new blogs...I am loving them! I love your new photo...It is great! I also love your fabrics for jeans, jeans, jeans...Susan you are a rockstar too!
    The Halloween pic is great too...I'll keep reading...xoxo Camilla


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