Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Handmade Presents are the Best

The best presents you can get are the ones that someone makes for you. My 11 yr old grandson made a windchime in shop class. So when he and grandpa went out to the workshop to make something, I thought it was a windchime. There were hints that the "something" was for me. I LOVE windchimes. Put 2 and 2 together and vualla....he is making me a windchime. Imagine my surprise when he brought out a birdhouse for me on Christmas Eve. I love it! Thank you Ky. It's one of the best presents I EVER got.

This was not a Christmas present. It is a "I saw that you needed another one of these" presents. The first one Terry made me was small. This one holds 209 tubes. How wonderful. Now my tubes are organized by color. I always tell him that I am the EASIEST person to find a present for. Thank you Terry, you are THE best and I will spend another 38 years with you!


  1. Nice to see your grandson can pull one over on you! I am jealous of your organized beads. I sometimes (fleetingly) have the thought of getting my beads in some sort of order and some of them are, but frankly I never take the time after finishing a project to put them back exactly where they belong. I do enjoy rummaging through my various baskets, bowls, baggies, tubes etc etc when putting a project together.

    Love the tunes - cause we all just want to be big rock stars......

  2. O MY GOSH

    I forgot to mention that this birdhouse is a duplex...there are two holes because there are two rooms inside. How creative is that!?!?!

  3. Handmade gifts are cellularly imbued with love...They are also a sign of how truly loved and deserving you are...I am glad that you are relishing this experience. You deserve it. Camilla

  4. Very nice! I agree... home/hand made gifts ARE the best! I really like your bead organizer too.

  5. Wow !! the birdhouse is great... I love the wood they used it looks aged... Great job Ky ! And tell him I have been using my pot holders too... Thanks...

    As for the bead organizer... hm I think you have more beads than I do... now I'm jealous... time to go to the bead store...LOL well maybe not.

    Love, Deb

  6. The FL Deb is suffering from bead organization envy. I love your grandson's gift for you. How thoughtful for a birdlover. He is sure racking up the points! So sweet.

  7. That's a great gift from your grandson and I think from Grandpa also. I know I always am happy when I see my husband spend time like that with the grandkids. The tube holder is super too.


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