Sunday, January 11, 2009

Do I Dress Like Joan Rivers/Joan Collins Phobia?!?!

Well, this picture doesn't have ANY thing to do with the topic, but I can't post here without putting up a picture. So enjoy this one of me and my grandbrats. Yes, the one on the right is 13 and believe it or not, he's scootching down in this picture...and no, he doesn't play basketball. He plays defense football!
So anyway, I know you are asking what in the world is Do I Dress Like Joan Rivers/Joan Collins Phobia?!?!. Well, over the years as I have aged, I have read how women should dress at certain ages. One recent article was stressed that if you are over 50, you should not wear flared legged, close fitting jeans and definitely no embellishments!! Who, MOI? Well you betcha I am going to wear whatever I want, especially if its denim because I cannot live without denim!!
Now the part where Joan Rivers/Joan Collins come in is, IMHO, as they aged, they both dressed like they just walked out of the Jr. department. I never want to be thought of that way. BUT, the older I get, the less I worry about it.
So the real reason for this post is my blogging friend, Susan. Susan's blog is one of the best on the web and she is one very talented interesting person. I would like you to visit HER blog to see why I posted today....Ok, click here.....and treat yourself. Read older posts. Susan will hook you, then reel you in!!!


  1. This was such a fun post to read and you're totally right about Susan's blog and pants... I'm looking forward to seeing yours. Will you model them and post the pictures?

  2. OF COURSE I will model and post pics. I'm not skeeerrd!

  3. I've been bantering with Susan over the prospect of accepting this challenge over the past few days...I don't own any jeans...and I am wary of my sewing skills. I may enjoy watching the process on this one! Let's see yours...It looks like fun!

  4. *BLuSH... Thanks Carol. You're such a sweet gal. I can't wait to see us all struttin' our stuff... I also can't wait to post about what people say when they see me wearing them! OK, I've got to go take some "in process" pics so you can get started...

  5. Re: the Joans . . .
    Isn't it funny how as we get older, we worry less about what others think? Or maybe we just change our own minds about what's important. I'm speaking as a woman who never wanted to be seen in public without at least a little makeup! In the last few years (maybe because it doesn't seem to be helping anymore, lol!), I've decided a cursory swipe of lipstick is all that I need to face the world! Well, maybe If I heard George Clooney was gonna be at the supermarket, I'd add a bit more. ;-)

    Love Susan's blog and have bookmarked it!

  6. Carol:

    What one dresses like is a personal preference I believe. Carol will still be Carol whether dressed like Joan Collins or Joan Rivers.

    I read Susan's blog and you are right. It is very interesting. Thanks for sharing.


  7. Oh Carol, this is soooo funny because I have this 'friend' who tells me I should dress my age (we're the same age) I just turned 48 last month - I'm not old, I'm not over the hill and I'm NOT dressing for anyone else but me! I'll be wearing levi's, tanks & sun dresses until the day I die!

    Okay, maybe I'll stop wearing haulter tops when I hit 80, but I'm NOT giving up my jeans!

  8. Hi, Carol. First, let me say, you have 2 very handsome young grandsons! Actually, they look just like you.

    I have always dressed how I want to, regardless of trends or fashion rules. I love denim skirts and tee shirts in the summer, knits in the winter. I always like the same colors, which tend to rotate over the years in the stores, so everything I have matches. It's great! And easy... and me.

    More snow...have a wonderful day.


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