Sunday, November 9, 2008

Squirrels in the Bird Feeder

I usually believe that Sunday is a day to relax and do only what you want to. But I have given Terry a task today. You all know how much we enjoy our little rodent Squirrel friends. Well, I bought a special feeder for my Mr. Baldy and Family (Cardinal) and I can't keep this little guy or his friends out of it. A plastic dome over the top didn't get it. Moving it away from another feeder to Chippy can't perform an aerial trick didn't get it either. We'll see what Terry the Toolman comes up with. More later....
OK, I need to clarify this for new visitors: I absolutely LOVE squirrels. I feed them peanut butter sandwiches by hand. When I open the window to feed them, they try to come in the house! They stand at the window to get my attention to let me know they are hungry! BUT...I also love Cardinals and bought a special feeder for Mr. Baldy and Family. That is the feeder that I need to keep my Chippys out of. Show you a pic tomorrow.


  1. Hello...Nice blog...greeting from Serbia.

  2. Those pesky little squirrels (although adorable) can always figure a way to get to what they want. I once hung feeders off my eaves troughs by chain and to my amazement saw a squirrel hanigning upsidedown by his feet from the eaves trough pulling the chain up to eat the peanuts! Good luck with that one!

  3. Sometimes it is just too much work to get rid of the squirrels. I just feed them along with the birds. Saves a lot of stress.

  4. Hi Carol. How is your squirrel redirection project coming along? Thanks for your comment on my new doll! Can't wait to see the cardinals!

  5. Hey Carol, you found my cousin! ;) Tell him Rocki said to stay out of the feeder or no more peanut butter sandwiches!

  6. Thanks for always stopping by to visit me. I love your comments.
    The squirls will figure out most solutions but it is fun to try to fool them.
    There is one here that visits out community pool daily for a drink and does not seem to care who is at the pool.
    Deb in FL


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