Sunday, November 2, 2008


These pictures are from a distance, but I had to post them because they are special to me. 6 hawks all overhead at the same time! They are so majestic. They glide in circles, rarely flapping their wings. I watch in awe, and thank them for being there for me to honor them by watching their flight.
Thank you hawk. You lift my spirits.


  1. We have hawks out by us as well, and there is always one sitting up on the telephone lines in the same place every day..I love watching them. Every now and then a flock of geese fly overhead our home and we hear them honking as they get closer. We run out to catch glimpses of them when they do,'cause as you say..they lift the spirits.

  2. Hawks are my special creatures. They seem to watch over me and I feel a specail kinship with them. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Thanks for your comments on my tagging list and for tagging me! I love your hawk photos. I am very connected to birds as well. My last few dolls have all shown up as owls even though they were not planned. I will share an owl experience from last week with you on your e-mail. Yes. I choose the mountains now as well. In all of my years by the sea, I never knew what an intense and glorious connection I have with the mountains. I look forward to more of your photos!

  4. Deb, I could talk to you about hawk and what hawk has brought to me. Hawk is my Animal Totem and through belief I have accepted responsibility to hold myself to a higher level of honesty and truthfulness. I have never been a happier person, or more at peace with myself.

  5. On a recent hike, there were 5 large birds (I assumed hawks) circling way above the gorge. I took a picture, knowing full well that it wouldn't turn out like I wanted it. After I took it, I zoomed in as far as I could - and surprise! One 'hawk' was actually an Eagle!!! My day was made!

  6. Great pics Carol. Hawk is definately special in your life. How very cool.

    Love, Deb


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