Thursday, November 27, 2008

Frogs in My Pond

Talking to Jonna, I realized that I had never posted pics of my frogs. Afterall, we put the pond in partly to have them near so I should introduce you. Well, I haven't actually named them. But I talk to them constantly. They don't jump in the water when I come near, and I am very close while taking these pictures. They know that we gave them a beautiful big home and we would never hurt them.
Frog is another of my animal totem. Frog teaches not to be so materialistic and to grow more spiritual.
Here is the frog pond today, covered in snow and ice.


  1. What happens to frogs in the snow? I love frogs and ponds! How glorious that you have them...I grew up next to a lagoon on the beach where I spent many hours collecting polliwogs and frogs...

  2. Terry says they bury themselves in the dirt near the pond and hybernate. I'm not sure if that's so. But I know that before it snowed, it got below freezing and we didn't see them. Then warm days came back for a while and they were back. I should google that!

  3. I feel the same way when it snows here. I feel like going into hybernation although I am eying some snowshoes for a little winter wonderland hiking... Smart frogs!

  4. Your froggies are beautiful! I know that I have seen some of our frogs half in and half out of little holes in the dirt. Last year we had no frogs in the summer that I could see, and this year we had lots of them....not sure why, but we sure missed them 'cause the mosquito population soared. That is so cool that they let you take the pictures close-up. How would I know what my totem animal is???

  5. If you google
    find your animal totem
    several sites will come up. I don't want to direct you to any certain one because reading this information can be a mystical journey. I found the experience spiritually awakening.

  6. Wow Carol.. the pond looks so cold now... thanks for sharing the frogs... I love the way you and Terry have the rocks around the pond. Cant wait to see what you do with the landscaping come spring...

    Love, Deb

  7. That is a beautiful pond. That's neat that the frogs don't hop away, usually they do. It is true that frogs dig down into the earth, I've dug some up by accident before.

  8. I'm a frog collector but not of the live kind. I wouldn't mind but here in the desert they wouldn't survive. Your frogs look happy to have that pond.


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