Monday, September 29, 2008

September 08 BJP

When I decided to participate in this project, I gave alot of thought to my theme, and changed my mind several times. I finally decided on 4 x 4 squares. My theme is ME. See me half hidden behind the curtain? Or, am I coming out from behind the curtain?

As I start this year long project, I'm not sure. Will I explore and reveal my inner secrets, or meerly answer inane questions?

Some things are certain. This project is important to me and I am totally committed to complete it 100%. My bead embroidery skills can only improve. I need to better display my pages. When held in my hand, this square is totally even and square.

Please come back next month. My October Page is already planned.


  1. Carol~
    Absolutely LOVE your first "ME" page.
    Your year long project sounds fascinating.
    I'll be following your works.

  2. That is AWESOME! - I love it and I commend you for taking on such a big challenge! I've considered it and passed for the last two years. The theme is great and I'll be looking forward to next month!

  3. Great page, Carol! I love the idea and the beading! In fact, seeing your beaded face is inspiration for a project I've been hoping to do in memory of a friend killed in a wreck last spring. I see that you are using 4x4 inches - what size beads are you using?


  4. WOW...Wonderful first page! I'm looking for to the rest of your 'me' pages.

  5. hi Carol! Your page looks amazing! You should be very proud of your achievement! i like the mystery surrounding your page too. What a great idea! I will watch your progress through this journey. Great work! Tracey

  6. Mizdenise:
    I used 11's on this page. I have been thinking that I might want to add 15's to my stash. I can see that in the 4 x 4 square that I chose, I may want smaller beads for more detailed work in the coming months. We'll see.

  7. Very intriguing, Carol! love your page and can't wait to see your upcoming months!

    pam T

  8. Love, love, LOVE it! Great color combinations and composition!

  9. Your theme is a great bit of introspection. Maybe this half face reveals that there is more to come as you reveal through out the year. I am excited to check your progress.

  10. Super first page, Carol! Be advised, 15's are terribly addictive. I add more to my already big stash everytime I buy beads. LOL


  11. Very awesome Carol!! Great job! Yes, 15's will help add tons of detail! keep it up and can't wait to see your next one!

  12. Wow!!! WTG girl... you are right... it makes sense now... Can't wait to see next month's creation... Love, Deb

  13. Great start and I see a funny loving woman who likes to keep a bit a mystery about her.Looking forward to more of the reveal but hope you can keep the mystery as well

  14. Hi Carol,
    Love your first page - can't wait to see you unveil more of yourself throughout the coming months. I am entrenched in beading for others at this point in time, but long for the day (which will be soon, I swear) to bead just for the sake of beading. Your work is inspiring!

  15. I really like your page, it speaks to me. I find it arresting and amusing at the same time. I can't wait to see the next ones !

  16. I love your idea and the beading you did. Aren't we all hidden a bit, even from ourselves. I have used size 15s but found that Japanese 15s are about Czech 13s. Sometimes I do use czech 15's but they are hard to get needle and thread through - make for great detail and I want to buy more especially if I stick to my small size of page.

    Can't wait to see what you come up with next.

  17. This is super awesome, Carol!!! I agree with everything everyone else has said above, including that "me" is a fabulous theme... "Me" is the underlayer to all of our pages anyway...

    I'm wondering about the significance of the color red???? Did it happen spontaneously or was it planned? I'll check back, hoping for an answer to this...

    Robin A.

  18. Actually, Red is significant. Red signifies the "bold outspoken me, and the navy back ground is the "receding, insecure" me. I am outspoken and speak my mind, yet can be quiet at times, unwilling to cause controversy. Or maybe at those times I think "why bother".

  19. Hi Carol...I am finally taking the time to visit the BJP members!

    I really like your theme this year and you did a great job beading your September piece! And, 15/0 beads definitely help with getting detail!

    I am looking forward to your monthly pages and seeing more of what you share about you!

    Have a great weekend!

    ~Lisa ;-)

  20. What a wonderful piece so far, I look forward to seeing more of your work.
    Thank you for the lovely comment you left on my blog. ~HUGZ~
    Joy >i< (BAD and BD groups)


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