Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Russian Spiral Net

I have a best friend who, shall we say prodded me, to learn this stitch. She made the prettiest bracelet in the RSN stitch that I fell in love with. Deb directed me to the pattern in the August 08 B&B. I had passed over the pattern when I thumbed through the issue when it arrived. It didn't catch my eye until I saw Deb's bracelet. So here is my version. I love this necklace and I love this stitch. Its so easy and quick.
In my version, the front is done in 6's and 8's and the sides are 11's and 8's. Its about 25" long.


  1. Great job with the Russian Spiral. I also love the stitch and it is as varied as the beads you use. Great use of color.
    Deb in PA and soon FL

  2. Stunning !!! Magnificent !!! Gorgeous !!! Love the color combination... Great job Carol ! We're good together aren't we... Love, Deb

  3. Thank you both for visiting and complimenting my work. Yes Deb, we ARE good together. Now, what's my next assignment?

  4. Great necklace, Carol. Russian spiral is probably my favorite spiral. I use it alot when I am making pendants.


  5. I have never tried the RSN stitch -- heck, I haven't tried most of the stitches -- but this sure looks like one I will have to try sometime.

    Your necklace is absolutely lovely.

  6. Nice, very, very nice!! Now we want to see a picture of it on you ~ smile

  7. I must have passed over it too. Better go take another look as I haven't done this stitch.


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