Sunday, June 4, 2017

Where Do Ducks Go?

The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is look out at the pond.  The other morning, there they were.  Two Mallards that frequently visit and have to be chased away.  I hurried outside to clap my hands, which usually does the trick.  Clap, clap.  WHAT?  All they did was swim to the furthest end and look at me.  Even when I opened the gate to go into the pond area to get closer to them, they just floated there.  When I waved my arms to scare them off, up they flew.  I thought they were going in the direction of the river, but nope.  There they landed right up there on the roof.  No amount of noise or arm flapping could scare them away.

There they sat, patiently waiting until they felt safe enough to return to the water.  Long enough for me to go back into the house and get several pictures.  They looked down at me as if to say they could wait longer than I could.  I went back in to get a cup of coffee, but when I returned, they were gone.

I don't so much mind the ducks in the pond, but I have read different theories about whether they will eat my fish or frogs so I am taking NO chances.  AND they leave horrible "droppings".

We have been spending as much time outside as we can.  It seems that we are only good for about two hours of yard work before we MUST sit in the swing and relax by the pond.  We have watched the Blue Birds select which house they will use for their next brood.  We had a Catbird nest in the Honeysuckle.  Watched a Cardinal pair raise a Cowbird  baby whose egg was left in the Cardinal nest.  Of course the Robin made a nest in an awkward place on the pole that holds the gate to the carport.

Our To Do list this week is to begin putting pea gravel on the walk way around the pond, more weeding, and weather permitting we'll begin to re-fence the side of the yard where the tree destroyed the present fence.  We used to do all that in a day or two.  Now we'll be lucking to have it done in a WEEK or two.

Grateful:  For just so many things, but for reasons I'll probably talk about in the be sharing these days with Terry.  Oh, I know I said when I started listing things I am grateful for that I would not include the obvious, but it's just how I have been feeling lately.

Have you noticed something of Nature lately and taken the time to enjoy it?  I love to hear about it.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

What The Heck Is THAT!?!

What the Heck Is THIS?  Well, I'll tell you in a minute.

First, thank you for sticking with me as I have been absent for about a month.  Hopefully I will get back in the groove of posting on a more regular basis.  I had a really good routine going.  I would get up each day at about 5 AM to be sure my grandson got up for work, do all my computer stuff like reading and writing blogs, paying bills and catching up on the news.  Then my grandson moved out.  My routine crashed into sleeping until about 8AM.  Then Terry would get up a short time later.  He does that when the dogs wake him up to eat.  For some reason they think they can't eat before he gets up.  Silly dogs.  Then I hate to leave him alone so I do all that computer stuff on the laptop.  I HATE the laptop.  It's Win 10 and does not cooperate with Android apps so posting on he blog is a pain because for some reason I can't move pics around or put the cursor where I want it to be.  So that's my excuse for being gone for a while.

Ok, Now to the story.  One morning about a month ago we went out to the pond.  There in the water was something we have never seen before and we have had a pond for at LEAST 40 years.  It was some tubular looking something that almost looked like Nature's fibrous rope with black specks inside.  So, of course I took a picture after I surmised it must be frog eggs.  OMGosh, yes it was.  About a billion of them that are now all small tadpoles.  Last year we had so many, but they died.  I investigated and found that tadpoles eat algae.  Every year Terry treats the pond to kill leaf debris and algae. This year we never got over to the supplier to buy the treatment so we have decided to find out what will happen when all these frogs grow legs.  I wonder if there is a market for frogs, lol.

There are other things going on around this house and I'll let you know all about them.  Hope you come back to see what's up.  

Today I am grateful for all things nature, especially for my frogs.  I share a lot of time with them.

What's new with you?  Have you ever watched frogs grow?

Sunday, April 23, 2017

We Used To Have Block Parties

Here is the newest visitor to my neighborhood.  We have NEVER had a Red Headed Woodpecker visit our feeders...ever.  Now I hear him in the trees somewhere and he comes to visit all day long.  Now I proudly feed a variety of woodpeckers including Woody, Downy, Red Breasted and Read Headed.  Every visitor is a Blessing from Mother Nature.

One of my blog friends Dawn  posted this morning about one of her neighbors.  We moved in our house in 1976.  The neighborhood is 3 blocks by 3 blocks and most of Terry's family lives within the nine blocks.  Children of those that lived here when we moved in tend to find a house in the neighborhood when they leave the nest. At one time, my daughter fulfilled her dream of buying the house next door to us.

Back when we first moved in, we already knew some of the people that lived here.  Most were our age, but we did have some neighbors that were the older generation.  We used to have Block Parties a couple of times a month.  Really, someone had a party and most of the neighborhood came.  It was always Bring You Own Bottle, liquor or pop, and something for the grill or a dish to share.  Those parties happened for about 7 years.  We were a really close group of friends.  I don't know why the parties ever stopped.  I suppose some of our friends moved on.

This is still a pretty good neighborhood.  Some of the kids Laurie grew up with still live here.  Even some of THEIR kids stayed in the neighborhood when they flew the nest.  Here and there a house has gone to rental and the tenants lack concern for others that live here.  Loud cars and loud music.  We've even had a meth lab that was busted.  It is a different world today and I do miss the neighborhood as it was back in '76.

My grandson moved out last week.  New truck and new apartment.  If it weren't for the dogs we'd be empty nesters, lol.  I am enjoying a slower pace...a lot.

Today I am grateful that my grandson is able to earn a living that is sufficient to support himself.

What kind of neighborhood do you live in?  Are you friendly with your neighbors of just wavers?

Monday, March 20, 2017

A Witch Lives Here

This home is located in one of the oldest neighborhoods in South Bend Indiana.  I have visited many times.  I don't know when it was built, but I would guess around the turn of the last century.  The inside is what you might imagine it would be if someone told you a witch lives there.  For the most part, it's dark.  There is an office that looks like you walked into an antique shop decked out for Halloween.  The parlor is magnificent AND it has a coffin as part of the decor.  The rest of the house is pretty much what you would expect.  The rooms upstairs are bedrooms and decorated in Victorian style.  There ARE creaking doors that open and close for no reason.  If ever there was a house to draw unseen visitors, this is the one!

Barbara is a Gray Witch and if you want to know what that means, you can find out on Google.  She's not a bad witch.  She has led an interesting life.  It would surprise you to know that she was born Amish.  It would NOT surprise you to know that she was shunned.

Barbara is 74 and has been reading tarot cards for 50 years.  She has a dog that actually DOES say "I love you".  She remembers that the first time she met my grandson she gave him a hamster.  I don't know all that Barbara does, but I know she believes in what she does.  She has made a good living reading tarot cards and has been "entertaining" at various conventions and other events that would surprise you.  For about 8 years she had a spot on the local radio station.  Silly people would call in asking questions and think they were getting Psychic advise.  To my ears, all I heard was common sense answers.  The kind smart parents would give their kids and probably do, but somehow it sounds smarter from someone they think has the inside scoop.

Our family loves her. She is straight forward.  She can entertain you for hours with stories about things she has done and people she has met.  Well known people in this town come to her for readings.  She will relate their story, but NEVER tell you who they are.  We would NEVER prod her to do so.  She has given many volunteer hours to various causes in town and is very well thought of.

The first time I met Barbara she wanted to do a reading for me.  I said ok on a whim.  She knew nothing about  me..there was no way for her to.  But she told me 3 things about me that NO ONE could possibly know.  Not Terry..Not anyone...Nada.  Not future...past.  HOW?  Doesn't matter.  She's Barbara.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

It's Entertainment - kinda

Lots of my friends have been mentioning that I haven't posted in a while and want to know how things are going with my foot.  With that in mind, I thought I should post, but honestly, about what?

Well, there just is not much to talk about.  I don't need to keep my foot elevated, but I do still have to wear the boot and can't put weight on it yet so I still have the scooter to move around the house and use when I go out.  Honestly, I don't go out much and I do keep my foot elevated because unless I do, there is still a certain amount of pain...small though it is.  My choice of pain reliever is Ibuprofin, but because it is an anti-inflammatory, I am unable to use it, as it would prohibit the fusion. Tylenol is what I am able to use but it has side effects for me that I just don't want to deal with.

So, I spend a lot of time looking out the window at my feeders which Terry has graciously kept filled.  I never tire of watching the action out there.

I have been doing a little reading.  A very little FB.  A small amount of cooking.  Of course, I am still stitching cupcakes on the quilt.

Then, there's the TV.  Terry has a routine of shows he watches and I listen along while he watches.  I don't have much interest on daytime TV, but I do have a few shows I watch at night.  I can't get him to switch over to Netflix, but I'm working on that.

I go back to the Doc on the 22nd.  I expect him to allow me to walk using my own shows as long as they don't put pressure on the fusing joint.  I have read that it takes about 6 months to actually fuse and that you can have the plate removed in the future.  I'll ask him about that.

The xray of my foot shows that when I thought I broke my foot about 8 years ago and didn't go to the doctor, I really DID break it.  It shows the break pretty clearly.  Now, it only have pains me when the weather changes.  I'm thinking that's not bad if I had gone to the ER, had a cast and went through THIS.

Thankful:  Today, there are so many things to be grateful for.  At the moment, I'm happy that when I turned 65, I took the time to look into an insurance policy.  It's NOT a supplementation policy. It's a policy you buy and use instead of Medicare.  The cost is the Medicare premium plus $39 a month,  So far I have paid very little for Doctor appointments, lab work, xrays and this surgery.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Cupcake Quilt Update

Hi Friends.  This is what I have been doing to keep my sanity while I have to keep my foot propped up.  I don't really have to KEEP it propped, but it's the most comfortable way to sit until it heals a little more. (It's ugly, black and blue and still swelled a bit.)

  This is Laurie's cupcake quilt.  I am stab stitching a cupcake on each block.  So far I only have a few blocks done.  It took me about 2-1/2 weeks after surgery to gather any creative energy to work on it.  I had a couple of false starts on the stitching.  I wanted the threads to be kind of prominent so I "tested" a couple of different weights.  Robbie Porter suggested #5 perle cotton and it was perfect.

One thing I miss a real lot during this recovery is playing with my dogs.  I'm pretty sure they are missing it to.  The weather here has be unseasonably warm, like a lot of the country which makes it hard not to be outside checking out the pond.  But it has thawed and I can see the fish through the window.  I always hold my breath until the ice melts to see if they survived the winter.  Blue Birds and Sparrows are vying for the bird houses. Means an early Spring to me!!  So that's what I have been up to.   How's the weather where you are?

Thankful:  I am so thankful that the winter was mild and my fish survived it.  A couple of years ago we had a harsh winter and lost them all.  The fish we have now are the ones that we bought to replace them.  Funny how even a fish can become special to you.  My favorite is a big blue calico Shebunkin.  By the time my foot is healed I'll be looking for my frogs.

Be well.  Love life.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

An Update on my SIL.. and thank you

See how mad Snoopy is?  That's how I am feeling about several things right now.  I have been mentioning My SIL Marcella on my blog.  A lot has happened since I last posted about her just a week or so ago.  Remember she went to IU Medical Center for a second opinion on her cancer treatment.  Let me back up here just a little.

The doctor that WAS treating her is the same one that treated my FIL.  Terry and I never agreed with the treatment he recommended, as other family members did or didn't.  It was not our decision, it was my FIL's.  When Marcella was first diagnosed, she went under the care of that same doctor.  He owns a cancer treatment center here in South Bend.  Chemo, Radiation and meds are all received through his Center.  Somehow that does not seem correct to me....but I'll move on with this story.  The Center removed a cancerous spot and lymph node...oh, so she thought!  She went on to receive radiation.

When she went to IUMC for the second opinion, she had tests and saw a Doc who told her they would be able to give her medication to keep her comfortable.  They found sources to pay for the treatment.  That doc took Marcella's case to their board after so they could review the tests etc they had taken.  There are several things that are still in review.  Let me tell you...the first doctor did not remove the cancerous lymph node and it was broadcasting cancerous cells to other parts of her body.  The Chemo doc didn't catch that and he SHOULD have.  What a fiasco.  She is so joyous I didn't talk to her about if there were something legal they should be doing about THAT.  Anyway, she is going to have surgery as soon as it is scheduled.  I'm not sure what exactly they will remove.  She is on medication that will encircle the spots that won't be removed but will keep them from growing and should reduce their size.  We have always heard that IU was one of the best places to go for cancer treatment.  Our hospital in Goshen's cancer treatment is affiliated with IU.  We wanted her to go there from the beginning, but she had faith in Dad's doc.  She went through a lot of pain and suffering both physical and mental only to find out she was not getting proper care.

I have no further comment about what I shared with you above....frankly I don't know what to say or how I should be feeling about it.

Now, for the thank you!!  I am using our laptop to type this post.  It drives me crazy.  Sometimes I don't touch anything and the curser jumps somewhere I don't want it to be.  It is so annoying.  Not sure if it's to do with windows 10 or the laptop.  I have received and read every one of your past comments.  I usually like to respond to each one.  That is so easy when I receive a notification of your comment in my gmail.  But when I have to read them from the comments section of my dashboard, I would have to go back to gmail to type the email to you and this danged laptop does not cooperate too well.  So THANK YOU so much for all your comments and well wishes.  If you didn't receive a personal response, it was NOT because I didn't care.  I appreciate all that read my posts, whether you comment or not.

Be well.

Thankful....well so many things, but today I am especially grateful for my two doctors...Dr. James Reidy and Dr. James Flynn.  I love those guys!!