Saturday, January 24, 2015

Grow Your Blog

Welcome to my cyber home.  This is my second year participating in the Grow Your Blog hop.  Last year I made several new friends that I frequently exchange emails with.  I'm so glad that Vicki offered the hop again this year.

When you meet someone, it's nice to know a little about them...just to see if you have anything in common.  So, I'll tell you that I have been married 43 years, lived in the same house almost as long, have 1 daughter, 2 grandsons (17 and 19) and three dogs. I love birds and enjoy watching them visit our feeders. I entice the Blue Birds, tolerate the evil English Sparrows and  dote on all others especially Crows.

My blog is just like my home...eclectic.  This is where I share a little of whatever I am thinking about except politics. My interests include my family (including my 3 dogs) and my home and yard including our fish pond and garden. We always seem to be in some stage of redoing both inside or outside.  I have creative interests besides the garden and critters...some may call them hobbies...are sewing, embroidery, crochet and beading.

My husband and I have been retired for a year.  Honestly, it took that year to adjust to not having a specific place to be at a specific time.  We lost a little momentum last year, but the creative juices are flowing again.  I hope you will come back to visit.  I love comments and reply to all. That's how you build friends, isn't it!?!

This year I will be participating in the Crazy Quilt Journal Project.  I'm new to crazy quilt so the challenge of embellishing a block a month is welcome.  Also, I met Madame Samm last year and will be participating in some of the quilting blog hops she has organized.  Madame Samm has also started organizing cross stitch hops.  I did cross stitch years ago, and I'm sure it will find it's way into my stitching this year because she has inspired a renewed interest. I most always add beads in some way to my stitching.  I don't know where else this year will take me, but I'm sure I'll be stitching.

How 'bout you.  How does YOUR blog grow?

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Coyotes Live in Our Neighborhood

After our last snow event, my brother in law plowed our driveway.  He cleared an area off to the side in the grass where I could put bread for the crows.  Three LARGE crows live in a nearby pine stand and frequently visit our yard.

One morning I went out to get the newspaper and found tracks like these in that small clearing.  I had never seen any like them before, but since I wasn't over the flu bug yet, I didn't pay much attention to them.

In Sunday's newspaper, there was an article about Coyote living in DOWNTOWN Chicago in a field area.  An estimated 2000!!  National Geographic went in a put a camera on 6 of them to track their movement.  Video showed that they actually looked both ways before crossing streets.  They are nocturnal, so people don't really see them much.  In urban areas they feed on small animals and scraps of food they find.

In that same Sunday paper, their was an article in the local section about a trapper in Osceola (where I live) who was called to a farm in my area because the farmer what finding cat carcasses on his property.  He feeds the feral cats and they control mice in the barn.  The trapper has trapped 11+ coyotes on that farm in the last 2 years.  The farm is located very near a very expensive subdivision and golf course.

I live 3 houses off a small highway.  A friend lives on the other side of the highway.  Behind his house are acres of field.  He tells me that he sees Coyote back there all the time. We used to trap feral cats and take them to the Humane Society.  We started trapping them because they were just taking over the neighborhood.  They would have litters in the shed and under our deck. Sadly, we  would also find them dead on the highway.  Recently, we realized that we haven't seen kittens. So I guess, based on the tracks that I found, and the story in the newspaper we have a coyote visiting at night.  Luckily our property is fenced.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Kyle Meets a Leprechaun

Kyle is my youngest grandson...17 going on ...well what can I say.  He NEVER takes a pic looking any other way.

Here he is at the Notre Dame basketball game on Saturday January 17, 2015.  It does NOT surprise me that he met the Leprechaun. But I am wondering if Kyle thought there was a pot of gold somewhere...LOL

Kyle is a gem.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

I may be coming back to life...not quite sure yet.
If you think you are getting sick..take care of yourself.  The flu that is going around is really kicking BUTT!!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Happy Week After Christmas

Mary Ann Tate posted links to color pallet creation sites. That got the ball rolling. I love this panel and having a site that will select the Kona Cotton colors to use with it started my creative juices flowing.

I have signed up to participate in the CQ2015 Project. I know this panel is not a typical crazy quilt focus.  Silk ribbon has no place here which is fine with me.  Lace will probably not blend well. But I have a vision of trims and threads and exotic stitched seams.  This is more my style.  This panel makes me ecstatic .. ..excited .. makes my eye search every element of the design. It will be my main project for the year.

Then there is Madam Samm.  She started a new site..   Sew We Stitch  .  Something vintage..something cross stitched or maybe something appliqued.  Hopefully I will participate in something Madam Samm be it stitched or quilted.  I LOVE Madam Samm, who is a very gracious blog friend.

You see, I am suffering NOT from ENS, which you may know as Empty Nest Syndrome once again.
 Corey has flown the nest to make his own way.  I wish him well, but must admit I see a path back to me.

Terry has begun to renew the kitchen.  After 12 years of being a maintenance manager at a large apartment complex and a year of retirement adjustment he has again taken interest in the maintenance and upgrade of ... yay...our home.  Ceramic tile is going up in the kitchen.  The cabinet replacement will finally proceed and new tile on the floor.  He works each day until he is tired, which gives him a couple of hours a day to work and he accomplishes a lot.

Here's to More Stitching!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Merry Christmas

Friday, December 5, 2014

Cyber Monday..Who Needs Black Friday

Monday was a good email day!!  So many invitations!  Verizon caught my eye.  I don't usually open their "invitations" but this time I did.  We didn't have smart phones because I never really investigated the cost of the data plans.  I thought there was a line charge PLUS the data charge. What a deal Verizon gave me, when I called to verify information in the email offer they sent.

On Wednesday we received  (2) LG G3
shared data $50 each reduced to $25 each for a year
$30 upgrade fee for each phone discounted to free

So for 12 months I cut my cell phone bill by more than 50% and got 2 free $600 phones.

I'm reading the manual on line to find out how the heck to answer it...LOL.  Not really, but there is a lot to learn.

Heck, Monday was a GREAT email day.  I opened another one.

Caron's offered a $75 leather purse for $15.  It came Wednesday.  Then my blog friend Kathy posted the Pantone color for 2015.  I'm pretty sure my new purse is pretty close to the new Marsala color. I'm on a roll. was having a sale too.  I got a new panel..The Princess and The Pea (Africa).  I absolutely fell in love with it and tried to select some fabrics to compliment it.  It came yesterday and I can't wait to see the fabrics in daylight. is one of my favorite fabric web sites.  FREE Shipping too.  Call me weird, but even if fabric is not on sale, if I get free shipping I'm happy. I love this site because you can click on a color in a fabric swatch and find other fabrics with the same color in it.  So, more fabric is coming my way!

Then I went looking for cases for the new phones...yay $18 for 2 and ... you guessed shipping!

Since I was finding so many deals, I thought I would search for Pearle Cotton #8.  Knitting Warehouse offered a HUGE color selection at $2.14 each and ...ta da...FREE SHIPPING.

Tell me, did you take part in any invitations in YOUR email on Cyber Monday?