Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Cupcake Quilt Update

Hi Friends.  This is what I have been doing to keep my sanity while I have to keep my foot propped up.  I don't really have to KEEP it propped, but it's the most comfortable way to sit until it heals a little more. (It's ugly, black and blue and still swelled a bit.)

  This is Laurie's cupcake quilt.  I am stab stitching a cupcake on each block.  So far I only have a few blocks done.  It took me about 2-1/2 weeks after surgery to gather any creative energy to work on it.  I had a couple of false starts on the stitching.  I wanted the threads to be kind of prominent so I "tested" a couple of different weights.  Robbie Porter suggested #5 perle cotton and it was perfect.

One thing I miss a real lot during this recovery is playing with my dogs.  I'm pretty sure they are missing it to.  The weather here has be unseasonably warm, like a lot of the country which makes it hard not to be outside checking out the pond.  But it has thawed and I can see the fish through the window.  I always hold my breath until the ice melts to see if they survived the winter.  Blue Birds and Sparrows are vying for the bird houses. Means an early Spring to me!!  So that's what I have been up to.   How's the weather where you are?

Thankful:  I am so thankful that the winter was mild and my fish survived it.  A couple of years ago we had a harsh winter and lost them all.  The fish we have now are the ones that we bought to replace them.  Funny how even a fish can become special to you.  My favorite is a big blue calico Shebunkin.  By the time my foot is healed I'll be looking for my frogs.

Be well.  Love life.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

An Update on my SIL.. and thank you

See how mad Snoopy is?  That's how I am feeling about several things right now.  I have been mentioning My SIL Marcella on my blog.  A lot has happened since I last posted about her just a week or so ago.  Remember she went to IU Medical Center for a second opinion on her cancer treatment.  Let me back up here just a little.

The doctor that WAS treating her is the same one that treated my FIL.  Terry and I never agreed with the treatment he recommended, as other family members did or didn't.  It was not our decision, it was my FIL's.  When Marcella was first diagnosed, she went under the care of that same doctor.  He owns a cancer treatment center here in South Bend.  Chemo, Radiation and meds are all received through his Center.  Somehow that does not seem correct to me....but I'll move on with this story.  The Center removed a cancerous spot and lymph node...oh, so she thought!  She went on to receive radiation.

When she went to IUMC for the second opinion, she had tests and saw a Doc who told her they would be able to give her medication to keep her comfortable.  They found sources to pay for the treatment.  That doc took Marcella's case to their board after so they could review the tests etc they had taken.  There are several things that are still in review.  Let me tell you...the first doctor did not remove the cancerous lymph node and it was broadcasting cancerous cells to other parts of her body.  The Chemo doc didn't catch that and he SHOULD have.  What a fiasco.  She is so joyous I didn't talk to her about if there were something legal they should be doing about THAT.  Anyway, she is going to have surgery as soon as it is scheduled.  I'm not sure what exactly they will remove.  She is on medication that will encircle the spots that won't be removed but will keep them from growing and should reduce their size.  We have always heard that IU was one of the best places to go for cancer treatment.  Our hospital in Goshen's cancer treatment is affiliated with IU.  We wanted her to go there from the beginning, but she had faith in Dad's doc.  She went through a lot of pain and suffering both physical and mental only to find out she was not getting proper care.

I have no further comment about what I shared with you above....frankly I don't know what to say or how I should be feeling about it.

Now, for the thank you!!  I am using our laptop to type this post.  It drives me crazy.  Sometimes I don't touch anything and the curser jumps somewhere I don't want it to be.  It is so annoying.  Not sure if it's to do with windows 10 or the laptop.  I have received and read every one of your past comments.  I usually like to respond to each one.  That is so easy when I receive a notification of your comment in my gmail.  But when I have to read them from the comments section of my dashboard, I would have to go back to gmail to type the email to you and this danged laptop does not cooperate too well.  So THANK YOU so much for all your comments and well wishes.  If you didn't receive a personal response, it was NOT because I didn't care.  I appreciate all that read my posts, whether you comment or not.

Be well.

Thankful....well so many things, but today I am especially grateful for my two doctors...Dr. James Reidy and Dr. James Flynn.  I love those guys!!

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Day 4 and I Got Wheels!

This is the fouth day afer surgery.  To say I am bored and tired is the truth.  My foot must be elevated and I have to keep this boot on until I see the Doc in a couple of weeks.  I have a choice of putting ice on my leg...20 minutes on, 20 minutes off.  Or I can keep ice on the boot 24/7 which is my choice.  I do not do well with narcotic pain pills and the ice keeps the pain down and allows me to go without meds so it is an easy choice for me.

Before I had surgery I practiced walking using crutches and thought I had that down until I came home and almost fell twice.  Then I figured I could put my leg on a stool and scootch around and that worked ok.  Since I thought I would be ok with crutches I opted to get a scooter after the two weeks that I am not supposed to get up except to use the bathroom.

That lasted less than 24 hours and off Terr went to pic it up the next morning.

This scooter is a blessing and makes moving around so much easier.  My insurance did not cover it, but a $68 per month rental I don't know why I hesitated to get it.  I am really antsy to stitch something.  Maybe tomorrow I'll try to stitch cupcakes on Laurie's quilt.

Lots to be thankful for today:
Modern medicine, Terry's wonderful nursing skills, Corey who is helping Terry take care of the house, my scooter and my DOGS who come to visit me and check to see that I'm OK.  I guess my laptop too which I am using to post this, and my blog friends.

Be well, be happy, stay healthy.
xx, Carol

Monday, January 23, 2017

The Crud and Other Stuff

Oh Geez.  Corey brought it in the house.  You know, that BUG.  The one that sneaks down your throat and makes your throat feel like it's been slit with a razor.  Then it moves on up to your sinuses and makes your head and face feel like it's stuffed with cotton.  I won't even mention what it does to your LUNGS!

Thank you Corey.  Luckily your Papa put some kind of shield around him...or maybe that's garlic around his neck!!

So before I got this visitor, I sandwiched Laurie's quilt.  I made a stencil of a cupcake.  I'm going to try to stitch a cupcake on each block.  We'll see how that goes. I didn't feel like taking a pic of the backing I stitched.  It is blocks the same size as the top.  I used a few of the leftovers from the top and cut more from the pink cupcake material.  I also have that material in brown so I cut blocks from it as well.  I'm not sure when I will commence the quilting, but probably while I am recuperating from surgery.

This week I have several appointments.  I haven't mentioned that I will have surgery on the "Giant" toe on my right foot.  That's what they call your big toe when they order xrays.

Basically I am having a lot of pain in the joint of my big toe.  If you have seen a bunion, what I have looks like a bunion growing on TOP of that joint AND between the 1st and 2nd joint.  There are also two little bones on the bottom of that joint that have arthritis and are causing pain and my toe to grow to the right.  It is a hereditary thing and usually only effects one foot. The pain causes me to walk on the side of my foot which is causing even more pain in my ankle and knee.  So next Tuesday I am having surgery to remove the growth on the bones and to make the joint immobile which will keep the toe from growing totally to the right.  My sister has this condition.  I'll tell you it's painful and darned right painful to look at too. After surgery I will have to keep my foot elevated higher than my heart for two weeks to control swelling that could break open stitches.  Then I will be on crutches for another 4 weeks.

Today I am thankful that I have insurance and am able to have this surgery.  My SIL who has cancer was told my her insurance company that they will NOT cover the medication that her doctor has prescribed to keep her cancer in check.

Monday, January 9, 2017


There is a fad going on right now that you may have heard of.  Mannequining.   Here is a pic of our joke about it in our house.  My dogs love to do the Mannequin! They do this daily, same pose, most often this spot.  Anyway, I can't post without a picture so I chose my mutts.

We like to support the Habitat for Humanity Restore and often discover some really cool things there.  If not cool we get really good deals.  Like the leather garden gloves I found for only $4 a pair.  During a recent trip I found a floor embroidery frame for less than $20 which was a pretty good deal.  It's a place to shop and to donate home items as well.

I'm pretty sure that I will be doing hand quilting in the future.  Since I received a rather nice cash gift at Christmas, off I went to Joann's with a 60% off coupon in hand to buy a PVC floor quilting frame. After the coupon was applied the price was only $44.  I'm pretty sure I would have paid more than that to make it myself.

It's been a difficult year for me.  Losing my father-in-law has been hard on both Terry and I.  We received more sad news from my sister-in-law.  She went through cancer treatment during last fall only to have it return in full force as soon as the chemo left her system.  Stage IV.  We are having a hard time grasping the fact that there is no cure.

My vocabulary and spelling is pretty good.  I take pride in it really.  My daughter and then my grandsons used to ask me why I "know so much" and spell so well.  I always tell them that I have always loved to read and when I saw a word that I didn't know the meaning of I always looked it up in the dictionary.  I am happy to say that my grandsons also love to read.  However, they don't really read books, but find many useful and interesting things to read on the internet.  The other day when I was looking up a word on an on-line site, I was offered the opportunity to have a word and definition sent to my e-mail each day so I signed right up for it.  The site also offers word games.  Here's a link if you'd like to check it out.  Dictionary

Have you tried the new Oreo Thins?  Even if you don't like Oreo cookies, you may want to give them a try.  They are the BEST NEW THING!!

If you are looking for an interesting read, you may want to check out these two links.

A Good Read

Another Good Read

Thankful:  Good reads.  A good book.  An interesting article.  The newspaper.  Today I am thankful that I can read well.

Do you hand quilt and if so do you have any tips for me?

Tuesday, January 3, 2017


Tenacious.  I LOVE that word.  In some regards it describes me well, but in others not so much.

This picture was our diversion of the afternoon yesterday.  The temp was below freezing.  Something moving outside in front of the patio door caught Terry's eye.  Low and behold it was a spider moving up and down a web with the wind blowing about 15 MPH.  The questions abound.  What kind of spider was it? mid sized with red on it (not a black widow).  How low can the temperature go before spider's freeze in Northern Indiana?  THIS spider eventually disappeared into the eves above the door.  This is info I found on Google about outdoor spiders...and yes..there are indoor spiders and outdoor spiders.

"Spiders are cold-blooded and not attracted to warmth.  They don't shiver or get uncomfortable when it's cold, they just become less active and eventually, dormant.  Most temperate zone spiders have enough "antifreeze" in their bodies that they won't freeze at any temperature down to -5 degrees C.:  some can get colder.  The few typical outdoor spiders that do end up indoors, die or at least don't reproduce."

The watching and research was a welcome diversion from the Gunsmoke episode that Terry was watching for about the millionth time.  So you would think that I am thankful for the diversion, which I am.  But I am more thankful for the tenacity in my personality to be interested in watching a spider, wondering, and wanting to find out the answers to questions that arose from the watching.  Tenacity.

How about you?  Have you recently found something that interested you so much that you wanted to find out more about it?

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

I'm Smokin'!!

 OKAY! I'm NOT smokin'.  This is the little lamp that I keep behind my sewing machines so that when I need more light I can just adjust it and wallah!  More light.

IT was not smokin' EITHER.

But while I was sewing, I smelled smoke!!

I looked up from my machine and I SAW smoke.  I was REAL quick to jump up and find out what was going on.  Just as quickly I said a prayer that it was NOT my machine!!

Nope.  The material I was sewing got bunched up behind the machine and piled up high enough to touch the bulb in the lamp.  See that little hole that looks like a cigarette burn?  THAT is what was smokin'.  Luckily it was in a spot close to the bottom of the fabric that is in the hem of the curtains.

We are HUGE Black Hawk fans...ALWAYS have been...forever.
Black Hawks, Cubs, Bears and Bulls.

When my daughter moved to her new home, my grandson asked me to make a valance for his bedroom windows.  He didn't want whole window curtains, just a topper.  I surprised him with a Black Hawk valance.  I have had the material for a LONG time.  Way before they won the last cup.  Good thing because I wanted more to make pillow cases or even a quilt but nope...couldn't find it anywhere.

He's a Cubs fan too.  I bought a lot of material before they took the series but haven't decided what to do with it yet.  I'm thinking I'll make another valance at least so he can switch with the seasons.

Today I am Thankful:

Yes, of course because I caught that little smokin' before it got tooooo big!  But there are other things I think about in this thought process.  Like the snow.  We have about 10 inches right now.  I HATE snow...absolutely.  But today I am thankful for snow because it's really water that goes back into the ground and allows the water cycle to continue.  So many of my blog friends suffered from a drought this year.  I am thankful to have enough water. And yes, this is also part of my motto to look for the good in everything.

Merry Christmas Week!!