Monday, January 9, 2017


There is a fad going on right now that you may have heard of.  Mannequining.   Here is a pic of our joke about it in our house.  My dogs love to do the Mannequin! They do this daily, same pose, most often this spot.  Anyway, I can't post without a picture so I chose my mutts.

We like to support the Habitat for Humanity Restore and often discover some really cool things there.  If not cool we get really good deals.  Like the leather garden gloves I found for only $4 a pair.  During a recent trip I found a floor embroidery frame for less than $20 which was a pretty good deal.  It's a place to shop and to donate home items as well.

I'm pretty sure that I will be doing hand quilting in the future.  Since I received a rather nice cash gift at Christmas, off I went to Joann's with a 60% off coupon in hand to buy a PVC floor quilting frame. After the coupon was applied the price was only $44.  I'm pretty sure I would have paid more than that to make it myself.

It's been a difficult year for me.  Losing my father-in-law has been hard on both Terry and I.  We received more sad news from my sister-in-law.  She went through cancer treatment during last fall only to have it return in full force as soon as the chemo left her system.  Stage IV.  We are having a hard time grasping the fact that there is no cure.

My vocabulary and spelling is pretty good.  I take pride in it really.  My daughter and then my grandsons used to ask me why I "know so much" and spell so well.  I always tell them that I have always loved to read and when I saw a word that I didn't know the meaning of I always looked it up in the dictionary.  I am happy to say that my grandsons also love to read.  However, they don't really read books, but find many useful and interesting things to read on the internet.  The other day when I was looking up a word on an on-line site, I was offered the opportunity to have a word and definition sent to my e-mail each day so I signed right up for it.  The site also offers word games.  Here's a link if you'd like to check it out.  Dictionary

Have you tried the new Oreo Thins?  Even if you don't like Oreo cookies, you may want to give them a try.  They are the BEST NEW THING!!

If you are looking for an interesting read, you may want to check out these two links.

A Good Read

Another Good Read

Thankful:  Good reads.  A good book.  An interesting article.  The newspaper.  Today I am thankful that I can read well.

Do you hand quilt and if so do you have any tips for me?

Tuesday, January 3, 2017


Tenacious.  I LOVE that word.  In some regards it describes me well, but in others not so much.

This picture was our diversion of the afternoon yesterday.  The temp was below freezing.  Something moving outside in front of the patio door caught Terry's eye.  Low and behold it was a spider moving up and down a web with the wind blowing about 15 MPH.  The questions abound.  What kind of spider was it? mid sized with red on it (not a black widow).  How low can the temperature go before spider's freeze in Northern Indiana?  THIS spider eventually disappeared into the eves above the door.  This is info I found on Google about outdoor spiders...and yes..there are indoor spiders and outdoor spiders.

"Spiders are cold-blooded and not attracted to warmth.  They don't shiver or get uncomfortable when it's cold, they just become less active and eventually, dormant.  Most temperate zone spiders have enough "antifreeze" in their bodies that they won't freeze at any temperature down to -5 degrees C.:  some can get colder.  The few typical outdoor spiders that do end up indoors, die or at least don't reproduce."

The watching and research was a welcome diversion from the Gunsmoke episode that Terry was watching for about the millionth time.  So you would think that I am thankful for the diversion, which I am.  But I am more thankful for the tenacity in my personality to be interested in watching a spider, wondering, and wanting to find out the answers to questions that arose from the watching.  Tenacity.

How about you?  Have you recently found something that interested you so much that you wanted to find out more about it?

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

I'm Smokin'!!

 OKAY! I'm NOT smokin'.  This is the little lamp that I keep behind my sewing machines so that when I need more light I can just adjust it and wallah!  More light.

IT was not smokin' EITHER.

But while I was sewing, I smelled smoke!!

I looked up from my machine and I SAW smoke.  I was REAL quick to jump up and find out what was going on.  Just as quickly I said a prayer that it was NOT my machine!!

Nope.  The material I was sewing got bunched up behind the machine and piled up high enough to touch the bulb in the lamp.  See that little hole that looks like a cigarette burn?  THAT is what was smokin'.  Luckily it was in a spot close to the bottom of the fabric that is in the hem of the curtains.

We are HUGE Black Hawk fans...ALWAYS have been...forever.
Black Hawks, Cubs, Bears and Bulls.

When my daughter moved to her new home, my grandson asked me to make a valance for his bedroom windows.  He didn't want whole window curtains, just a topper.  I surprised him with a Black Hawk valance.  I have had the material for a LONG time.  Way before they won the last cup.  Good thing because I wanted more to make pillow cases or even a quilt but nope...couldn't find it anywhere.

He's a Cubs fan too.  I bought a lot of material before they took the series but haven't decided what to do with it yet.  I'm thinking I'll make another valance at least so he can switch with the seasons.

Today I am Thankful:

Yes, of course because I caught that little smokin' before it got tooooo big!  But there are other things I think about in this thought process.  Like the snow.  We have about 10 inches right now.  I HATE snow...absolutely.  But today I am thankful for snow because it's really water that goes back into the ground and allows the water cycle to continue.  So many of my blog friends suffered from a drought this year.  I am thankful to have enough water. And yes, this is also part of my motto to look for the good in everything.

Merry Christmas Week!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

IRW And A Bit Of Blogger Info

I have a habit.  I didn't set out to have it, but it just developed.  Around the first of the year I like to switch my look.  It's become an expectation of my friends and family.  I might decide to change my hair's been about every hair color there is.  I definitely change the cut.  Do you know that some women I know have had the same style since the 70s?  I asked my daughter to give me the long layered look.  I can easily mousse and air diffuse and wallah...go.  That's where the IRW in the title comes in...In The Real World.

See that spot on my cheek?  It appeared about 3 years ago..about the size of a pin head and it's still growing.  My doc assures me it does not appear cancerous.  I had one about 30 years ago on my shoulder that I had removed just in case.  So  it's probably going to go to but I can't get into the dermatologist until May.  That's OK.

Don't you just love how Google mixes up your mind with changes to the Blogger platform and doesn't give you a clue on how to get where you want to go?  I wanted my new picture to appear in the "about me" gadget on my blog.  You used to go to design and change it there.  The blogger forum is totally useless in getting info.  So let me tell you where to find the fix, just in case you want to know before they switch it up again.

Go to your Dashboard. Click on the Settings link on the left. Go to User Settings.  See where it says User Profile and "edit" just below it?  Click there to switch your picture.

I have something else to share.  Those of you that quilt probably know this trick but when I read it on Chris Dodsley's Blog  it was one of those "why didn't I think of THAT" moments.  I am definitely going to use this technique when I quilt Laurie's quilt.

So this morning I am particularly grateful to the inventor of the internet.  I was introduced to it back in the mid 80s.  The first computer that I used at my job at that time was actually made in Gate's dorm room...really it was!!  I thought DOS was the best invention EVER!!  It made bookkeeping a dream. Look how far we have come.  Like everything it has it's drawbacks and dreadful users.  But I am so happy to be connected with the world through it from my little rural area in Northern Indiana.

Tell me just one thing you are grateful today...not family, home, or all the givens.
Much Love to all of my friends.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

A Word--2017

I'm writing this post on the day after Thanksgiving.

There a so many things going on in the world sometimes it's hard to focus on yourself.  Your mental health which translates to your physical well being.

At the beginning of the year some people, including me, select a word of focus for the coming year.  By the time a few months have passed we forget what the heck that word WAS.  One word, thought, STATE OF MIND is always foremost in my personality.  I reflect on it often.  My intention through the coming year...better yet the rest of my life...will be to intensify it.  The state of being is GRATEFUL.

My WORD for 2017 is Grateful.  Each post will end with something I am grateful for, but will not include all those common things people include in a list.  It's a given that I am grateful for friends, family, my pet friends, my home etc.  Each time I post I'll look for some uncommon thing to realize and pay special attention to. Give that a shot...sometimes not so easy.  I'm going to add the list to my sidebar as well.

Today I am grateful for the birds that are visiting my feeders.  They give me joy to watch them coming and going.  They give me satisfaction knowing I am providing them with a habitat with food, water and shelter.   Birds.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Pinned (Not A Political Post)

Don't mind the lint on my black coat.

Most people have heard that some are wearing a safety pin.  I have read a lot about the Why and Why Not to wear one.  Then I read a recount of a lady that was wearing one and was approached in the grocery story by a woman and her small daughter who spoke broken english.  She asked questions about preparing a turkey and dressing.  The pin wearing lady was glad to offer conversation and advice.  When done, the little girl looked up at the lady  and pointed to the pin  and said that she had told her mother it would be okay to ask her.

Stories like this fill my heart with joy.  I AM that person wearing the pin.  A stranger might not know it because my facial expression is a frown.  I don't know why my lips turn down.  When I think of it, I turn them up.  Why isn't it normal for me?  Anyway, I decided to add a pin to my coat.  For good measure I added a heart charm.  I want people to know I am approachable.  That I am willing to be helpful.  It's not a political statement.  It's a personal one.

I'd be interested to hear you thoughts about wearing a safety pin whether they are political or not. If your comment is rude, I'll read it, I might respond to it, but I WILL delete it.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

An Easy Start For A Cupcake

Sometimes I think about why I write blog posts. I'm pretty sure that one of the reasons is for me to validate  that I am actually doing something I love and doing something useful.

Granted, I am a slow worker and let life get in the way of my focus. But I finally have a good start on my first quilt.  I found this free and easy pattern on line. It's meant to use fat quarters and the pattern is for a crib quilt and called for 16 blocks.  I improvised a little using yardage and fat quarters and enlarged the size to a little larger than a twin size.  I mean for it to be a throw quilt for my daughter that she can use on the couch if she wants to.  She collects cupcake items and I have had the fabric for a long time.  I have the same cupcake fabric in brown and will probably use it for the backing.

The fabric selection was a bit tough because I have vowed to use my stash and not go looking a something "new" because I don't have the right fabric color or shade.  The green fabric is the same shade of green in the cupcake fabric.  It has pink cows on it.  Laurie LOVES cows so it was a MUST to use it in the quilt.

I have been checking on batting and nearly fainted when I saw the price.  I should have bought of stash of it for retirement too!  Luckily there are sales and I have coupons!  I am thinking I would like to use warm and natural.  Is that a good choice?  Any suggestions will be appreciated.